025: A Mile-marker

It's productive to think of your life in the context of a journey or a perpetual road-trip, if you would.

With that in mind, here we are at mile-marker 25.

Being issue 25 I wanted to pull over and first say thanks for coming along for the ride.

With 24 issues in our rearview mirror I feel the need to refuel and refresh.

Road trips have their share of terrain changes.

There are hills to climb, there are some long, boring stretches of road, and there's the occasional need to recalibrate your map for more accurate directions.

Your personal growth and longevity journey requires that you be intentional about how you reach your desired destination

"Whether you know where you're going or not...you're certain to get there..."

"There" relative to this weekly "field-guide" for personal growth and longevity is intentionally designed to ensure that you know precisely where you're going.

  • Taking action towards creating a new mindset about how you age
  • Building resilience that keeps you in-the-game regardless of the obstacles you face.
  • Investing and leveraging your time into a lasting legacy that reflects the quality of life you desire to be known for.

Action. Resilience.Time.

I consider those the essence or A.R.T. of personal growth and longevity. And they're the compass bearings that guide the content I create.

I've categorized the past 24 issues into an Action-Resilience-Time map.

I recommend that you bookmark or save this issue for easy access.

And if you choose - share it with others you believe would benefit from our weekly journey.

Take bold Action as you age

Map out your action-bias with the following themed content:

03: Action That Propels Personal Growth and Longevity

07: 5 Strategies to Empower Your Habits

08: Thinking About Longevity: Are You "Locked-In" or "Leveraged?"

09: How Coachable Are You (or Willing to Be)?

018: 11 Hippie-Dippie Habits for Aging Well

020: What Are Your Options?

023: Inc. Yourself

Build Resilience that sustains your motivation and energy as you age

Resilience doesn't come easy but it does increase as you become intentional about it.

Keep these on your radar.

04: Resilience: Your Leverage to Grow Through Life's Challenges

06: How to Re-Program Your Mindset for Growth and Longevity

011: A 14,000 Foot Experience (and an Amazingly Simple Discovery That Can Drive Your Personal Growth as You Age)

012: "Act-Your Age" Might Be Bad Advice If You Want to Be Longevity-Minded

016: Watch-Your-Language! It Could Put Your Longevity at Risk

019: Want Less Friction in Your Life? Develop Self-Awareness

022: What If You Were Okay with Doing Hard-Things?

024: Could This Be Your Renaissance Era?

Leverage your Time into what has lasting value

Time is on your side...but it's best when you leverage it (instead of the endless cycle of managing it).

Make the most of your moments with these time-centric resources.

05: Time - Is Managing It Really the Ultimate Goal?

010: Life Expectancy: Yeah, Let's Go There...But With a Better Perspective

013: "Unmask" Longevity and Discover What's Possible as You Age

014: Maybe It's Time to Think About What It Means to "Unretire" (But Before You Freak-Out)...

015: Is "Hustle" Not Sustainable In Your Life? You Need a "Plan-Be"

017: Is Overthinking Misunderstood?

021: Be the Lead Domino

Aging isn't optional but you can determine your course

  • Develop a bold action-bias
  • Build sustainable resilience
  • Leverage time into meaningful outcomes

And pursue...

Press on...