015: Is "Hustle" Not Sustainable In Your Life? You Need a "Plan-Be"

015: Is "Hustle" Not Sustainable In Your Life? You Need a "Plan-Be"
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Stillness isn't easy.

"Just be," someone says. So, you pump the "brakes" but nothing...

What you need isn't a "Plan A" for slowing down.

You need a "plan-be."

"Hustle culture" will often push-back at the idea of stilling yourself.

But while hustling (however you define it) and putting-in your-reps has value - it can also cause you to feel unfulfilled, unproductive, and more unprepared for your growth and longevity plans.

A "plan-be" creates margin that mere “hustle" won’t produce

Hustle has appeal for a variety of reasons.

Making up for lost time.

Trying to impress.

Playing catch-up in your career, finances, or goals.

There are good (and beneficial) reasons to buckle-down and put on your hustle-pants.

But before you do...why not push-pause and create a more sustainable "plan-be" for your life?

What's a "plan-be?"


  • Decisions that create margin in your life
  • Actions that create a sustainable future
  • Outcomes that provide a fulfilling legacy

8 "plan-be" prompts that create sustainable growth and longevity in your life

"Be" present

Moments come and moments go. The key is not missing them.

Your life is a series of occurrences. Countless like stars in the sky.

You'll know you're alive and breathing when you live in-the-moment. Would be a shame to miss the moments because you're distracted or merely looking away.

"Be" aware

Self-awareness is fundamental to personal growth and longevity.

This isn't a selfish notion. Without self awareness you'll be painfully unaware of others.

Jesus taught - "Love your neighbor as you...love yourself."1

The problem with being plan-A, type-A, or hustle-obsessed isn't as much about lack of awareness.

It's a failure to be self-aware.

Build self-awareness by filtering your actions and responses.

On the contrary, being unfiltered isn't telling it like it is - it merely reveals that you don't see who or what is in front of you and the impact of lacking momentary self-awareness.

"Be" responsible

Having responsibility and taking responsibility are two different things.

To have responsibility implies trust but with no guarantee of action.

To take responsibility implies awareness of the trust placed in you and taking action to affirm that trust.

Own the moments when action is necessary. And take responsibility for whatever your actions produce (good or bad).

If you're wrong...say so!

If you're right...let your actions speak for themselves!

"Be" secure

Confidence takes a variety of shapes - security is among them.

Your security cannot be tied to external conditions.

Being secure comes from within.

Externals might threaten your personal security. And that's all the more reason to counter the pressures that come at you by fortifying your internal (soulful) strength.

"Be" open

Opinions are a dime-a-dozen. You increase your personal value to those around you by being comfortable with not having one (not having an opinion is really okay).

And there are occasions - when you can't help not having an opinion - that you need to keep it to yourself.

Being open (instead of opinionated) gives you power.

Openness to another's point-of-view doesn't weaken your position. Rather, it creates space to further confirm your own without alienating (and we could use a boat-load of that in our personal interactions...am I right!?).

"Be" curious

Openness can naturally lead to curiosity.

Being curious expands your thinking, confirms your biases, and invites new growth and discoveries.

Perhaps there's more than one way to do something.

And how will you find out if you're not insatiably curious?

"Be" kind

Kindness opens doors that bitterness and resentment slam shut.

Choose to be kind instead of vindictive, mean, or uncooperative. When you're kind you could find support you wouldn't otherwise discover.

"Be" teachable

Being teachable brings us full circle in the "plan-be" matrix. Your capacity for growth relies on being aware that you do not know everything there is to know about whatever you're hustling to achieve.

When you think you know it all you're one step away from fatal failure (the opposite of instructive failure).

When you're teachable you live as though "school" is always in session.

"Be" yourself

Impression management is tiring and anxiety-producing. So...stop already!

Being yourself frees you from the comparison trap and the need to micro-manage your life.

Create a more sustainable Plan-A (hustle included) by living in Plan-Be mode

  • Enjoy more margin in your life
  • Prepare for a more sustainable future
  • Create a more fulfilling legacy

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1-The Bible, Matthew 22:39