02: A Better-Than-Random Approach to Personal Growth and Longevity

02: A Better-Than-Random Approach to Personal Growth and Longevity

There’s an “art” to personal growth and longevity. Make it a practical, daily habit and your life could change (along with your legacy).

Truth is, it’s a process. That’s where the “art” drives the habits you develop.

But here’s a common mistake you might be tempted to make:

You hear the word “art” and you think “mastery,” “expertise,” or “skill.”

Nothing is necessarily wrong with that thinking but those are potentially scary words especially if you struggle when attempting personal growth or being consistent in some area of your life.

Simply being good at something (“artistry”) involves time and good old-fashioned effort. A practical blend of both (time and effort) will kick-start your initiative.

Where personal growth and longevity happen

Your mind

Call it your mindset, your attitude, or your personal mission statement (is that still a thing?).

Bottom line: your thoughts control your actions.

The “art”: change how you think!

Your body

We’re talking about your-one-and-only. It’s yours to maintain with every heartbeat and breath you take.

And speaking of longevity (a common theme here)…

Keep it healthy - that’s the “art” of it!

Your soul

However you understand or define yours (no judgement here) let’s consider it the home-address of your character.

All things considered your soul is where your destiny is shaped. Longevity in this context has limitless scope and potential.

The “art”: seek and you will find.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Consider them a blank canvas for personal growth and longevity. And you have the opportunity - every day - to add color, mix it up, and make changes.

Age, background, education, social status…consider those and more to be invented and irrelevant excuses.

Speaking of age and aging - you’ll hear a lot about that here too. So stay tuned.

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Your relationships

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Your career

Work, projects, resume, entrepreneurship, a side hustle, investments, etc.

Your goals

Ideas, dreams, plans, resolutions, meditations, vision, mission, affirmations, etc.

Your destiny

Soul, spirit, faith, belief, eternity, etc.



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