021: Be the Lead Domino

021: Be the Lead Domino
Photo by Bradyn Trollip / Unsplash

Ever watch one of those domino videos?

Someone with a lot of time and patience sets up a series of dominos then the critical moment arrives...

They gently tap the lead domino setting the entire creation in motion.

It's fascinating to watch!

Let's explore what it means to be the "lead domino."

There's significant value in being a person who gets things moving.

But taking action isn't always easy.

Although it beats waiting to be knocked down...or worse...being the "domino" that fails to keep the process moving along as planned.

Your influence and legacy are defined by what you set in motion

Being the lead domino creates leverage - once it's set in motion some fascinating results can happen.

Like the domino-effect, your life and longevity potential follows a sequence of strategic decisions - one impacting the next.
  • Discover the value of proximity.
  • Manage the gaps and maintain momentum.
  • Create space when necessary - because some decisions need to "fall" without a collateral effect.

How close is your next breakthrough as you age?

Breakthroughs (like opportunities) happen when you take responsibility for them.

Aging can affect your motivation.

Perhaps you felt the impact in your mid to late 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Whatever age you are - what matters is taking advantage of your current proximity to the opportunities for ongoing personal growth.

Here's how the domino-effect applies...

A domino in close and essential proximity to the next one in sequence is what keeps the process going.

Without adequate proximity it all grinds to an unimpressive halt!

Breakthroughs in your personal growth require that you place yourself in close proximity to the resources that lead to the changes you desire to make.
  • Read more (period!)
  • Listen for inspiration. Music, documentaries, biographies, podcasts, YouTube content, etc. are the seeds for breakthroughs.
  • Think less about what you perceive others think about you (Tip: they aren't thinking about you...most are too engrossed in themselves).
  • Fail more frequently. You could be one failure away from your next breakthrough.

What personal growth gaps can you identify in your aging and longevity journey?

Tighten the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

Growth gaps lead to a stagnation.

It's a type of stagnation that leaves things undone or untried because you merely believe that you lack something or that you've "aged-out."

Aging-out has to do with the temptation to look back at the good-ole-days rather than looking forward to new opportunities and discoveries.

A growth and longevity mindset enables you to see gaps as a close-able asset instead of a chasm that's too challenging to cross.

You have power when you see your age as a "number" not a "noose."

Are you making space for the collateral-effect while aging?

The domino-principle relies on the collateral-effect of one carefully placed domino tipping into the next and so forth.

Your personal growth works in much the same way.

Create adequate space in your life for:

  • People - those who inspire you and those you can inspire
  • Moments - that energize you and enable you to energize others
  • Milestones - that define your legacy and what others will remember you for
  • Decisions - that leverage new opportunity for yourself and those you influence

Being a lead domino generates essential momentum as you age (and your continued growth along the way)

  • Look for breakthroughs
  • Close the gaps
  • Make space for what matters

Press on...