033: Chase That Feeling...You Might Be Amazed at How It Helps You Age Well

033: Chase That Feeling...You Might Be Amazed at How It Helps You Age Well
Photo by Ian Nicole Reambonanza / Unsplash

My wife and I recently celebrated 40 years of marriage.

That's a milestone we do not take for granted.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to our marital milestone.

But mostly we've "chased the feeling" of doing what works (for us) day in and day out.

Speaking of "chasing-the-feeling," there's something about the repetitive, rinse-and-repeat process that enables you to leverage working principles into the fabric of your relationships, your life, and your longevity pursuits.

In the routine of daily life (and relationships) it's easy to lose touch with your passions, interests, people, ideas, and overall desire to keep growing as you age.

Without a compelling "chase" to keep you engaged you risk allowing entropy to set in - affecting your health, wellness, mindset, and longevity potential.

What brings you joy, good vibes, contentment, fulfillment, and passion...? Chase that feeling!

Rewind on occasion and take inventory of those interests or passions that create those essential feelings that compel you to take action on your current ideas and goals.

  • Nurturing a retro-mindset and perspective
  • Recovering a sense of wonder
  • Enjoying what you've acquired as a path to more

Go retro and train your mind to build on past success (and failure)

Retro isn't limited to styles or design elements.

There's value in retro-thinking - especially as relates to reflecting on what you've achieved, what brings you happiness, contentment, joy, and an awareness of where you've failed.

Retro-reflections are your mind's rinse-and-repeat setting.

  • When have you felt most "alive" or fulfilled?
  • Who or what brings out the best in you?
  • What were you doing when you had bold levels of influence?

Get in touch with those moments and determine how you can retro-fit them into your current growth and longevity plans.

Give yourself permission to bask in the moment

A martyr or victim complex will prevent you from truly embracing the joy or happiness of certain moments or milestones.

"It's no big deal..." you might say, as if to dismiss what could otherwise give you energy to improve yourself and your attitude about aging.

You're here!

You're breathing!

You're alive!

Bask in the wonder of the moment you're living in.

The here-and-now is way more energizing than the what-if or why-me mindset that paralyzes you from aging well.

Get clarity about where you've been and where you want to go next

Life's not over until it's over!

My intention is not be trite - I'm rather focused on shifting your perspective from that of a timeline to that of a lifeline.

By that I mean - there's more to see, do, experience, enjoy, give, you name it!

Are you clear about what's next for you?

Be compelled to keep chasing the feelings that give you a reason to try new things, nurture fresh ideas, and stay at it as long as possible!

  • Create a clarity-list of your life's milestones and compelling memories
  • Recreate the emotional state you were in when you made those life-changing decisions or contributions
  • Restore faith in your ability to keep going in pursuit of more ideas, experiences, discoveries, and personal growth - regardless of your age.

There's some "chase" left in you - keep pursuing what gives you (and those around you) joy and fulfillment

  • Retro-fit your mindset around personal successes (and what you've learned from failure)
  • Treasure the moment
  • Reflect on where you've been and use the energy for what's next

Press on...


P.S. About next week: one thing that has nurtured our marital milestones is pushing-pause on occasion for some time off-the-grid. We'll be doing that next week along with this weekly publication. Stay tuned for the next issue the following week. In the meantime...bookmark and browse past issues including:

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