027: Let Your Insatiable Curiosity Get-the-Best-of-You

027: Let Your Insatiable Curiosity Get-the-Best-of-You
Photo by Justin Heap / Unsplash

“I’m curious.”

That’s not a leading statement but rather a confession on my part - one that I hope peaks your curiosity.

You might be tempted to avoid it…because…you know…the cat (as in, "curiosity-killed-the-cat").

Who knows what that darn cat got into, though I wouldn't be so quick to blame it solely on curiosity - cats being cats and all.

Not to digress but there’s power in adding curiosity to your growth and longevity mindset.

Being curious has the potential to unlock new ideas, compel new action, and develop untapped potential in you.

On the other hand, squelching your curious nature keeps you stuck in the status quo.

Anything of lasting value that you experience likely happens because you have an insatiable sense of curiosity

  • Living in curious-mode keeps your mind open and healthy as you age.
  • Nurturing more curiosity in your life expands your capacity for change regardless of your age.
  • Being insatiably curious protects you from being passive about aging.

A curious mind is an active, healthy mind

Know-it-alls know just enough to b-s their way through life.

There's nothing healthy about being a close-minded, stuck-in-your-ways, know-it-all!

The curious among us (hopefully you) stay on the growing edges of life making new discoveries.

Being curious sets you apart from those too arrogant to admit that there could be a better way.

How will you ever know if you don't let your curiosity guide you?

"Curiosity is your mind attempting to point you in the right direction."1

Embrace curiosity as a "north star" in your life. Follow it into new adventures of learning through books you haven't read, documentaries you haven't watched, thought-provoking conversations you need to have.

Your mind activates and expands around fresh (not stale) ideas, resources, and interactions.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

Curiosity strengthens your capacity to embrace (rather than fear) change

When confronted with a situation that demands change, it's easy to resist what could be on the other side of it.

Those set-in-your-ways tendencies you have on occasion create a barrier to what could benefit you on the other side of small or major change.

There are also those age-related changes that are inevitable (you know the one's I'm talking about).

Curiosity helps you power through emotional and inevitable change scenarios.

  • Ask "what?" rather than "why?"
  • Be "why not?" motivated rather than "what if?" fearful.

Insatiable curiosity enables you to power through passive-resistance

Ah, resistance!

That subtle, yet powerful excuse that keeps you from doing the thing you want to do, need to do, or must do (at all costs).

Resistance is a force to be reckoned with - especially when it's passive (as in you know what you need to do but...well...you simply don't).

It lurks beneath your best intentions and creates a ceiling on your potential for growth and longevity.

Insatiable curiosity creates a counter-attack on resistance - in its passive or aggressive form.

"...curiosity is a muscle..."2

If that's true (and I believe it is) you must train your curious nature.

The answers to those questions can empower your curiosity and make it an insatiable quality in your growth and longevity journey.

Let your curiosity get-the-best-of-you because your best ideas, experiences, and discoveries await

  • Stay mentally and emotionally curious
  • Be fearlessly curious about the changes you encounter
  • Develop relentless curiosity to power through your moments of resistance

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