026: Reset Your Perspective with a Gratitude Practice

026: Reset Your Perspective with a Gratitude Practice
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Moms: “What do you say?”

Young Me (and every other child): “Thank you!”

Saying "thank-you" is a life fundamental.

Taking it a step further there's reset-value in turning up the volume on expressing thanks.

I'm talking about establishing a gratitude practice in your life.

Your personal growth and longevity journey hinges on your ability to be grateful - regardless of what life throws your way.

No, I'm not suggesting that you practice toxic-positivity.

Choosing gratitude goes much deeper.

Gratitude is a gateway to what you desire most in life

Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude...are more likely to experience emotions such as joy, optimism, and contentment, which contribute to overall psychological well-being.1

Practical gratitude requires what I call "gratitude triggers."

  • Reminding yourself about the value within your experiences (the good and...the bad).
  • Reframing your life experiences so you can adapt to your circumstances.
  • Refocusing your energy to be resourceful in the natural flow of your life.

Change your perspective

It's been said that "perspective is everything."

Relevant to a gratitude practice is having the capacity to choose gratitude when you're tempted to focus only on the details of your circumstances rather than the big picture.

Gratitude lifts you above the clouds and enables you to see that the skies are consistenly clear and cloud free at higher altitudes (I appreciate that perspective during air travel).

Perspective shifting through gratitude is a reminder that what happens...happens.

Gratitude reminds you about the higher altitude stuff that you can hold onto for future reference.

Chart your daily experiences

When I'm into my daily journaling habit (I confess my lack of consistency) I begin each journal entry with my "daily three."

I write three things I'm grateful for.

Charting your gratitude:

  • Increases awareness about your daily experiences.
  • Enlarges your perspective about the bigger-picture of your daily experiences.
  • Engages your mind to adapt to your daily experiences instead of merely reacting to them.

In essence, you'll begin to take nothing for granted and discover that there's something to be gained from what you're dealing with in your life.

Create reserves that produce sustainable energy

Gratitude forms a reservoir of strength that you can routinely access when life gets hard.

It's not news to you that the natural flow of life can get dicey on occasion.

Some days the seas are calm and others are like a raging storm.

Gratitude sustains you because its consistent.

Your resourcefulness increases as you refocus your energy onto what you can be grateful for - instead of what you lack.

A gratitude practice resets your perspective without having to deny the reality of your current circumstances (good or bad)

  • Accept that circumstances happen but you can change your perspective.
  • Adapt to your circumstances instead of reacting to them.
  • Acknowledge that your circumstances develop the resourcefulness you can access when needed.

Press on…